Universal adapter

LOGICA Universal adapters

The LOGICA Universal Adapter can be connected to all standard nutrition bottles with crown seal connector and wide-necked threaded connector. Feeding sets with ENPlus spike can be screwed safely with this universal adapter.

The integrated LOGICA Air Valve V2OOO has a patented closure and seal mechanism that secures the safe function of the valve even at slightest pressure differences and independent of the valve's position. Pressure loads against the flow direction also have no influence on the function of the valve. The valve is closed in stand-by position.

The integrated bacterial filter secures a safe retention of bacteria. Wetting of the bacterial filter is effectively prevented by the valve.

  • connectable to standard nutrition bottles
  • air valve with integrated bacterial filter
  • membrane valve closed in stand-by position
  • materials are latexfree and DEHP free
Connection for wide-necked flasks compatible with glass flask with round thread acc. to DIN 168 - GL 40 x 4
compatible with ABBOTT®-Container
Connection for crown finish bottles compatible with crown finish 26 H 180 acc. to EN ISO 12821
/compatible with crown finish 26 H 126 acc. to DIN EN 14635
Outlet with connecting thread for transfer sets cross connector acc. to ISO 18250
Opening pressure of air valve ≤ 8 mbar
Hydrophobilicity of air valve filter 140 cm H2O
Air valve filter efficiency for 0.2 μm particle size approx. 99.99825 %
Sterilization Compatibility ETO-Gas, Electron Beam Irradiation and Gamma Irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)
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