Syringe cap
for enteral feeding syringes
Air valve

LOGICA Air valves

Syringe cap for enteral feeding syringes

The multifunctional LOGICA Syringe cap is used to hygienically seal enteral feeding syringes with a filling volume of 20 ml or 60 ml.

Due to the combined design, the cap can be used either to close the 20 ml or the 60 ml syringe barrel. It is no longer necessary to stock two different sizes.

The built-in ventilation filter enables hygienic ventilation of the feeding syringes during gravity application.

  • hydrophobic filter material
  • latex-free
  • PVC-free
  • DEHP-free
Closure for 20 ml syringe barrel compatible to 20 ml enteral feeding syringes
(e.g. Fresenius® Freka® Connect ENFitTM / ProNeo 20 ml)
Closure for 60 ml syringe barrel compatible to 60 ml enteral feeding syringes
(e.g. Fresenius® Freka® Connect ENFitTM / ProNeo 60 ml)
Hydrophobicity of filter > 93 mmHg (> 124 mbar)
Pore size of filter 5 μm
Sterilization Compatibility ETO-gas, γ-irradiation and β-irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)

*): Closure diameters can be adapted to customer-specific syringe barrels.

Air valve V2OOO

The LOGICA Air Valve V2OOO with integrated bacterial filter is usable in infusion and transfusion sets and in sets for enteral feeding therapy.

The seal mechanism secures a safe function of the valve, independent of the valve's position. Pressure loads against the flow direction also have no influence on the function of the valve. The membrane valve is closed in stand-by position. Reflow to close the valve is not required. The bacterial filter secures the safe retention of bacteria. Wetting of the bacterial filter is effectively prevented by the valve.

  • usable for example in spikes of drip chambers
  • valve closed in stand-by position
  • function independent from position of use
  • integrated bacterial filter
  • high air flow
  • materials are latexfree and DEHP-free
Opening pressure when first used ≤ 8 mbar
Counterflow pressure resistance 2 bar
Pressure resistance in flow direction 4 bar
Volumetric flow rate with 0.9 % saline solution ≥ 150 ml/min
Volumetric flow rate with glucose 40 ≥ 90 ml/min
Stand-by position closed
Hydrophobicity of the filter 140 cm H2O
Filter efficiency for particles with diameter 0.2 μm approx. 99.99825 %
Sterilization compatibility ETO-Gas, Electron Beam Irradiation and Gamma Irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)
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