LOGICA Lid valve

The LOGICA Lid Valve is designed for installation in housings provided by the customer. It can be used as an air valve, such as drip chambers, or as a check valve in infusion sets.

With its proven valve mechanism, the lid valve ensures a low opening pressure and fast closure in the case of back pressure. The safe function of the valve is guaranteed, independently of its position.

  • silicon valve for assembly into existing housing
  • usable as air valve or check valve in infusions sets
  • low opening pressure
  • material is latexfree and DEHP-free
Opening pressure when first used (dry) 5 mbar
Opening pressure when first used (wet) 20 mbar
Counterflow pressure resistance 1 bar
Blocking performance (leakage rate) 0.003 ml/min
Position sensitivity independent of position
Stand-by position open
Priming airbubbles completely removable
Sterilization compatibility ETO-Gas, Electron Beam Irradiation and Gamma Irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)