_Air Valve V2OOO with integrated bacterial filterbelueftungsventil v2OOO bakterienfilter



_Product Properties:


_usable for example in spikes of drip chambers
_valve closed in stand-by position
_function independent from position of use
_integrated bacterial filter
_high air flow
_materials are latexfree and DEHP-free



_Technical Specification:


_Opening pressure ≤ 8 mbar
(also after counterflow pressure)
_Counterflow pressure resistance 2 bar
_Burst pressure 4 bar
_Hydrophobicity of filter 140 cm H2O
_Filter efficiency for 0.2 μm particle size approx. 99.99825 % (according to EN 1822-3)
_Sterilization ETO-gas, γ-irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)



pdf V2000 Air Valve with integrated bacterial filter