_Check Valve V2OOO autoclavablerueckschlagventil v2OOO dampfsterilisierbar



_Product Properties:


_steam autoclavable up to 121 °C
_valve closed in stand-by position
_function independent from position of use
_inline-valve with tubing fitments for PVC-tubing 3.1 x 4.2 mm
_housing: PC (lipid resistant)



_Technical Specification:


_Opening pressure ≤ 12 mbar
_Counterflow pressure resistance 6 bar
_Burst pressure 6 bar
_Blocking performance leakage rate ≤ 0.1 ml/h
(meets the requirements of DIN 58362-7 resp. ISO 8536-12)
_Volumetric flow rate* ≥ 130 ml/min
_Sterilization Steam autoclavable up to 121 °C,ETO-gas, γ-irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)


*: Test according to ISO 8536-12. Tested with infusion sets according to ISO 8536-4.
Test medium 0.9 % saline solution.
Static pressure 100 mbar (1 mH2O).


pdf Check Valve V2000 autoclavable