_Roller Clamp RC2OOO MULTI 3,0x4,1

rollenklemme rc2OOO multi



_Product Properties:


_Enhanced development of the proven LOGICA RC2OOO
particulary suitable for the use in enteral feeding sets and in infusion and transfusion sets
_optimal regulating design for easy adjustment of drip rate

_low deviation of adjusted drip rate (±10%)

_good reproducibility of desired adjustment
_Tube´s cross-sectionwithin common drop rates


_Technical Specification:


_Adjusting length
between 10 and 150 drips/min1)
≥ 9 mm
_Drip rate deviation ≤ 10 % (after 2 h)
_Volumetric flow rate
at end of adjustable stretch  
≥ 500 drips/min1) (1500 ml/h)
 _Seal in closed position air tight (at 0.5 bar ≥ 5 min)
_Sterilization ETO-gas, γ-irradiation up to 50 kGy (cumulative)


*: Tested with infusion sets according to ISO 8536-4. Test medium 0.9 % saline solution. Static
pressure 100 mbar (1 mH2O).
1) drips/min = Drips per minute; drip tube according ISO 8536-4 (20 drips add up to a volume
of 1 ml)


pdf Roller Clamp RC2000 MULTI 3,0X4,1